Next Generation Project, Support for Engineers

We are engaged in sponsorship activities with the aim of contributing to the development of manufacturing culture and the training of manufacturing personnel.

Support for the teTra Aviation eVTOL development project

teTra Aviation is a start-up company that develops eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft sometimes referred to as “flying cars”. The company has been working on the development of the eVTOL as a means of solving traffic congestion in urban areas as well as the transportation of people and goods to mountainous areas and remote islands. It is also being developed to try help resolve particular social problems. The company has already started selling eVTOL in the United States, and is aiming for mass production in 2025. We support eVTOL development projects by providing MBSE solutions.

Support for Formula SAE

Formula SAE is a student manufacturing competition in which students conceive, design, and produce their own single-seat formula car, with the students judged on their overall performance, including not only the car’s driving performance, but also the design concept, mass production costs, and sales strategy.

Through our offices around the world (France, UK, Germany, and India), we are proactively supporting the student teams participating in the Formula World Competition by providing them with E3 Series electrical design solutions.

In the Student Formula SAE Competition for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, we participate as a competition sponsor, supporting competition management and manufacturing activities for future engineers.

Support for Yokohama National University Formula Car Project

In support of a local university in Yokohama, where our company’s headquarters are located, we sponsor a student formula car production project of Yokohama National University. By providing and supporting the introduction of our E3 Series of electrical design solutions, we are supporting the students who are taking on the challenge of making EV-driven formula cars.

Sponsorship of Embedded Technology Software Design Robot Contest

The company sponsors the South Regional Competition of the Embedded Technology Software Design Robot Contest, a competition aimed at educating embedded software engineers, and also supports the educational training of software engineers who will lead the next generation.

In addition, a team of new employees from our company will participate in the event, providing an opportunity for Project-Based Learning (PBL) in engineering education.

Sponsorship of Kids Engineer

We co-sponsor “Kids Engineer”, a hands-on learning event to promote interest in science, technology, and manufacturing in a variety of fields, particularly automobiles, hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan.

Sustainability Management Vision

Sustainability Management Vision

ESG Initiatives

ESG Initiatives